Proud to be a woman

A staunchly feminist revue

By Michel Giès and Eléonore Lemaire
Directed by : Michel Giès
With :
Eléonore Lemaire, soprano
Frédéric Lagarde, pianist

Paying tribute to all the generations of women who have protested their liberty and their pride in themselves, on stage, with all their attributes as well as their shortcomings; Michel Giès and Eléonore Lemaire have imagined a staunchly feminist show, which resonates with our own times. It is constructed as a revue: it is sung, danced and spoken, whilst deliberately addressing each member of the audience.

Since ancient times we have great romantic heroines; they all had a tragic fate or were saved by men. The loudmouths, the nasty, the outrageous are at home in the music hall, the place where they make the decisions.
They free themselves from any female ideal. They come down off their pedestal and proclaim: “Here I am!”. Calling up, among others, Yvette Guilbert, Marlene Dietrich, Mistinguett, Liza Minelli, Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker, Brigitte Bardot, as well as a few opera « bigmouths », and even older songs, this revue is sprinkled with lines borrowed from the best writers, from the 15th century up to the present days: Georges Sand, Christine de Pisan, François Villon, Constance de Salm, Oscar Wilde, Jacques Brel, and Marilyn Monroe and Mae West!
The songs are written by Boris Vian, Van Parys, Willemetz, Prévert / Kosma, Henri Varna, Cole Porter, also by Charpentier and Lully, and opera arias by Poulenc, Mozart, Puccini – sung in French.